For Father’s Day this year our oldest came up with a great idea. She decided to surprise her Dad with an engraved wine glass. After a long day working and then wrangling four kids Jeremy deserves a good glass of wine. Mary even had a fun idea to engrave on the wine glass Dad Fuel. I thought it was hilarious.

Engraving, also known as etching on glass, is a simple way to personalize a gift. Mary used this engraving pen for the project and was very happy with how it performed.

For this craft you will need:

Engraving Pen

Glass object (wine or shot glass, etc.)


Safety goggles

Printed template

Scotch tape

Scissors (I love this one)


To boil down the process you print your design on paper and then tap it inside your glass. With the engraver you trace your design onto the glass until the desired look has been achieved. The project took under an hour and was a first attempt that turned out great.

My husband was downstairs while Mary was working in her room and asked one of the kids what that buzzing noise was. When he accessed no one was in danger he left it alone. Crisis averted and Operation Surprise Daddy was still in play!

All ready to be filled with an organic imported wine of the highest caliber. Just kidding, Jeremy likes the cheap stuff and will probably sit on the back deck in the evening with this glass while the kids jump on the trampoline shouting, Daddy watch this! Don’t feel sorry for him he’s very much loved.

Creating something with your hands for someone you love makes any gift more special. This is a Father’s Day gift that will make Jeremy laugh and he’ll actually use it.

Engraving may seems complicated, but you only need a steady hand and an idea to make it work.

Mary did an incredible job. Would you give this craft project a try? I just might!

xo Maria

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