We’re Maria & Jeremy, the husband and wife behind Pure Happy Home.

High school sweethearts and parents to five, we have renovated several homes together. Now our children, who are home educated, have joined in the fun of DIY and design.

We live near the shores of Lake Michigan where we share DIY projects, design inspiration, and family moments. We also have lots and lots of budget friendly tips for making life cozy.

Home can be beautiful when you let your creative side shine!

Pure Happy Home
Mission Statement

We are committed to walking through each day of life with faith in our value to God, and each other. We believe contributing beauty and harmony to the world is essential to living a happy life. Although it’s impossible to always be happy, we choose pure happiness whenever possible. We seek to grow our understanding of ourselves by honoring the creativity within us and others.

Here you’ll find a peek at our life as a family. You won’t find anything close to perfect, just pure happiness that we’re on this journey together.

We want to encourage you to see the potential in your home. It’s waiting to be discovered and amplified and enjoyed! You don’t need a big house, a new house or an interior decorator to live a beautiful life within your home’s walls. Here we’ll show you how a willingness to learn new skills and  being open to making mistakes will help you create cozy spaces where you can truly be at home..

Home design and DIY are pretty exciting to our whole family, and we want to share that excitement with you!

Our current home has been a slow room by room renovation. Much of it we’ve done ourselves, but we’ve also learned a lot from the trades people we’ve hired to work on our home.

Because we homeschool the kids have also watched up close and in action the skills needed to transform a space. Home design and DIY are pretty exciting to all of us.

If we can learn these basic skills along with our kids you can as well! Our homes should be places of rest and peace. Places for our own unique needs to be met as well as those of the people we hold dear.

Maria and Jeremy



Three DIY changes that will transform a room.

-Adding Paint, Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring, and a Modern Light Fixture.

What Our Kids Know About Us

-We can’t say no to a kitty who needs a home.

Favorite Home Style

-Several, but definltely Traditional Modern, Scandanavian, and Electic

Best Family Fun

-A day at the beach followed by dinner around the campfire.

Where we’d like to be in 10 Years

-In the country on a farm.


Our Marriage Advice

-Serve each other.

Our Parenting Advice

-Ask for forgiveness.

What makes us laugh

We both think that the other is hilarious. Our kids always are making us crack up and we have some really funny friends. Also comedy like Pen 15, The Office, the Dave Chappelle Show, Jim Gaffigan and many more.


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