Last Spring after a few weeks of quarantine our boys started to get restless. They spent a lot of time jumping on our two trampolines, and I was grateful we had them. However their restlessness made way for an idea which I was not in favor of. They kept asking to put a trampoline inground, and wanted to DIY an inground trampoline themselves.

They had thought it through and were confident they could put a trampoline in the ground. It would be safer they said. After another few weeks of them asking, I stopped saying no and gave them the go ahead. Quarantine makes you do things.

It took a whole 7 weeks but they dug the hole with only a couple of hours of help from their Dad and 8 year old sister. They were determined to finish it. Homeschooling makes you do things too!

We followed this tutorial here for securing the trampoline base, but instead of using an excavator they dug our hole with shovels in hand!

Mark Where the Inground Trampoline Will Go

First we decided where the inground trampoline would be put. We were careful to avoid our lawn irrigation system. They took off the frame of the trampoline and used it as a template to outline were they should dig.

digging trampoline hole

Remove Sodding

The boys wanted a clear outline of exactly were they needed to dig. They did this by removing the sod before they dug into the ground. When you’re digging a hole this large it will take weeks. This was their way of staying organized. It also enabled them to see their progress and calculate the amount of work and time remaining on this project.

digging trampoline hole

Just Dig It

Now the real work begins! Digging is hard labor. The determination it took these kids to do this was incredible. I love gardening so I know the feel of a shovel in my hands, and a sore back. I didn’t touch this project, it was all them with only a little help from their Dad.

digging inground ground trampoline hole

Reinforcing the Tampoline

Before we placed our trampoline in the hole we reinforced the frame in case the sides of the hole loosened and put pressure on the trampoline legs. We did this by first securing the legs with 2×4 lumber. We then attached corrugated steel all around the trampoline and secured it to the wood.

diy inground trampoline work

Add Padding to the Supports

Although the corrugated steel frame would be underground, we added a safety measure to protect little feet from injury. We cut pool noodles down the side and placed them over the corrugated steel edges. When it was time to move the trampoline we all slowly moved it into place together. This was one heavy trampoline!

diy inground trampoline
diy inground trampoline

Now Jump!

These sons of ours really should be proud of themselves. They earned all the fun one shovel full of dirt at a time. So thankful Jeremy and I gave them a chance to put a trampoline in the ground. Their idea became reality because they put in the hard work to make it happen.

diy inground trampoline

The DIY inground trampoline was in place last Summer, but there were still a few things we wanted to do. Come back Wednesday to see how we’ve recently finished off our DIY inground trampoline. It’s made my design heart happy!

xo Maria