A Salvation Army Find from 2006

It’s been easily fifteen years since I found this huge armoire at a Salvation Army Thrift Store. It was only $60! We had to rent a truck for another $50 to get it home because it was our “pre Honda Mini Van” days. Moving it was worth the added cost. Inside the armoire are several shallow built in drawers as well as shelving. It’s been great storage for our master bedroom all these years.

wood armoire

Why Paint it?

No doubt the rich, warm tones of the veneer makes it a beautiful piece. However, there was something that always bothered me. If you look closely you can see that both the upper and lower doors have the same veneer design. This gives away the fact it’s not real wood. It also cheapened the look and feel of the piece for me.

wood armoire

This Armoire Wasn’t Meant to Get Painted for Over a Decade!

Painting was always an option. Even so, life was full and other things were more important for me to do. Not to mention this thing is a monstrosity! The larger cabinet piece sits on top of a large drawer. It was so heavy it made my back hurt just thinking about moving it so I happily lived with the veneer until just a little while ago. Now that 15 years had passed, I had two strong kids (along with their Dad) to move it for me.

wood armoire being moved

How I Painted the Armoire

Nothing crazy or unusual friends! I did use a low nap roller instead of foam this time around. It gave it a nice texture and was faster coverage. You might want to experiment between foam and a low nap roller. A brush was used to get in small spots.

Remove hardware

Lightly sand

Thoroughly wipe down



Reattach Hardware, and your done!

paint cans

Why White?

Due to it’s size I wanted the armoire to blend in with the wall it’s placed on. Our bedroom is neutral, light and serene with little contrast. Now this gentle giant seamlessly flows with the space.

painted white armoire
fiddle leaf fig tree white armoire

Hardware Love

Another reason I love this armoire is the hardware. It’s vintage goodness gets me every time. There are three styles of hardware it to enjoy in one piece. I did not paint the hardware this is it’s original finish. After cleaning it up I liked the weathered brass look so much.

To give you an idea of how tall this piece is, I’m 5″10″, so pretty tall.

Why Did I Wait So Long to Paint It?

I definitely asked myself why I waited so long. As with many other projects I’ve completed, the work itself isn’t the issue. It’s the decision to do the work.

Transforming a piece like this is an excellent way to make your home more you. Furniture flips are super budget friendly ways to design your rooms. They’re also a great beginner project for those wanting to try DIY. You could absolutely do this!

Would love to hear what you think. Did you like the veneer better? Or do you think painting it was the way to go?

xo Maria