Over the last few weeks I’ve been wanting to give our family room a little refresh. The problem was I didn’t want to spend any money to make it happen, and I had several other projects in the works. What to do, what to do? The solution is to use what you have on hand and to get resourceful. So that’s what I did!

Simple Design Refreshes that Cost Zero Dollars

Rotate Plants and Flowers

I got the ball rolling on the family room refresh with flowers. My mother once again gave me some gorgeous blooms from her garden. This time it was pink gladiolas. I found a large ceramic vase I had thrifted that fit the glads perfectly. I moved several plants from the buffet I had white washed, to make room for it there. You can see how I white washed the buffet here,

family room living room
terra cotta vintage sofa

Switching the End Table Out for the Ottoman

Our music room needed a table so I moved the coffee table that was in the family room in there. We have a beautiful big ottoman that came with our vintage sofa that has been used as a foot rest, but now it serves as a sofa/coffee table and it works.

family room living room
living room sofa and ottoman

Move Furniture Around

A small pedestal table once made its home between the two club chairs. I moved it into the corner by the window and like how it fills that space, but still leaves plenty of room visually. We had a cute little side table that I put in its place. Small tables like this are so helpful when you want to change things but not spend money. They can easily be stored away until you need them. I’m always on the lookout for great little tables I can refinish or restore.

I also moved the indoor outdoor chair that was in the music room to the family room. We’ll try it here for awhile and see if it works for us. Home design can be flexible and should always suit you and your family. If I don’t like a piece of furniture in one place I’ll try it in another.

small fiddle leaf fig tree plant
family room living room
two dark brown club chairs

Add Seasonal Decor

Thankfully I have a collection of home decor either thrifted or found at great deals. I keep much of it in our basement. When I want to refresh a space I go there to see what might work. Styling is all about balance, and you do need a collection to choose from in order to find just the right combination of pieces. I chose a vase I found at an antique store that looks just like one Studio McGee for Target came out with recently. Tucked some dried eucalyptus in there, and I have a cozy look as well as aroma in this corner of the room.

home design eclectic style

Add A Throw Blanket and Chair in There

When in doubt add a chair in there. This is one of my decor models and it works most of the time. I have a thing for chairs. They’re another one of the things I always look for when shopping. Many times I’ve had to walk away from a great chair because I just didn’t have the space for it in storage. Chairs can be slipped into a room for function as well as a design element. Depending on its design, a chair can immediately add a specific feel to a space as well as character. I’ve had this café style chair forever and will keep it close to forever. It’s versatile and so very pretty.

It amazing how fast a throw blanket can effect the look of a room. A good through blanket looks cozy and inviting. The color combinations can effect all the other elements in your room. Throw blankets are an easy refresh tool.

buffet with abstract artwork and flowers
ficus tree abstract art styled living room

These small zero dollar changes were enough to make our family room feel fresh. When you feel good in a space it’s usually a sign your design choices were right. Knowing these changes didn’t cost a thing and were done for zero dollars feels even better.

Making homes beautiful on a budget is one of my favorite things to do. I’m always trying to learn new tips to help with this goal. Please share any you find useful, I’d love to hear. What is something you do to refresh a space for zero dollars?

xo Maria