Our oldest child spent her last Junior semester of college working as a congressional intern in Washington D.C. Although we were proud of her for earning the position we missed her terribly, especially her four siblings. Since one of our family’s love languages is home renovation our kids decided to give their big sister’s bedroom a makeover while she was away.

congressional intern Mary Kamara Hagemeyer

Prep Work

First they had to go through lots of her stuff and pack it up so they could do the work. She mostly owns books and clothing. Lots and lots of books and clothing.

boxes on the floor full of stuff

Ripping out carpet

Mary, our oldest, has never complained about the old carpet in her bedroom. The four other bedrooms have all received a flooring makeover, but her 20 year old carpet has remained. It was definitely time to replace it!

rolled up old carpeting

Many little hands make light work.

The three middle siblings all pitched in ripping out carpeting and then doing the slow and tedious work of pulling out all the staples. They worked with such determination. It was clear to me as their mama they wanted her to be really happy and surprised with her room when she came home for the Summer.

kids working on renovating the floor

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

We used luxury vinyl tile by Style Selections from Lowe’s. It was a great price and incredibly simple to install. We cut the plank flooring with a box cutter and made sure to sweep the floor very well before laying down the planks.

open package of vinyl wood flooring

Easy Installation

The vinyl plank is laid in place and then firmly and evenly pressed in it’s place for a few seconds. Our boys did the large majority of the work and I acted as a general contractor, Fun! When our kids decide to do a certain task they really believe in, they’ll get it done and need minimal help.

Duncan working on renovating the floor

Our oldest son Duncan wasn’t taking any chances in front of the high traffic bedroom door, and laid down a few weights on the planks for added measure. The flooring finish is smooth, even and waterproof. We’re very happy with the look and feel of this product.

vinyl flooring being laid

Laying the whole floor took about three hours from beginning to end. Laying vinyl plank flooring is such a great DIY for young people. It’s simple to achieve a great look and just enough work for them to be really proud of themselves.

vinyl flooring being laid
blue girls room with white furniture

Putting the Bedroom Back Together

I came in at the end of the project and helped the boys pull the room back together. This is the part of any remodel that I like best obviously. The warm wood color of the vinyl plank flooring paired well with the light blue turquoise paint color of the wall.

blue girls bedroom pink bedding
blue and pink girls teen bedroom
blue girls bedroom white desk
blue girls bedroom white furniture

Sibling DIY with Love

Having your kids away from home is an adjustment, but not only for parents. All our kids have missed having their sister near them and part of their lives. For our boys, giving their big sister’s bedroom a makeover was their way of showing their love and support.

Duncan and Isaac in After of room they remodeled for sister

All Ready for Big Sis to Come Home

Really proud of the kids for attempting and completing this DIY. Replacing the carpet with wood vinyl plank flooring was just what this room needed and gave it a whole new look.

Have your children shown an interest in home renovation? Would love to hear your thoughts on kids and DIY!

xo Maria