one room challenge
One Room Challenge

Music Room Mood Board.

Mood boards are not my thing. I say this because I’ve only ever made one before these and it didn’t go so well. Having now made a few more and with Canva my little design happy heart is warming up to them.

Be gentle people this attempt took me awhile and has lots of issues, but wow a mood board really help you envision your plan! I see why you all have been into them for so long. They are incredibly helpful and a bit of fun.

Music Room Mood Board

Adding to my TO DO list.

As most projects go, our Music Room Makeover has turned into more than I thought it would be. Not a bad thing, just additional time and money to make it all come together. Thankfully the cost of paint is minimal because my add on project is a piano makeover.!

Yep, I’ve come around to the paint your piano craze of a decade ago. Ten years ago the wood finish on our piano was fine and there was no way I would paint that beauty. Fast forward a decade and she could use a little love. Having helped four children learn to play the piano, I think she deserves a new look.

music room mood board

Shopping the House.

Most of the furniture and decor that will be going in this room we already own. In other words I’ll be shopping the house to furnish this space with only a few exceptions.

  • 5′ x 7′ Rug – One of the ways I plan on warming up the space is by layering a rug over a sisal rug we’ve had and loved for years.
  • Round or Oval Mirror – Although I could probably find a mirror that would work for my purposes at a Thrift store, the mirror I’ve envisioned for this space is very specific. I may choose to buy a new one.
  • Drapes – A great set of drapes can make a room! I ordered these for a client project and was very impressed by them.

That’s the current plan for the Music Room Makeover. The mood board helped organize my thoughts. How about you guys, have you tried mood boards? Do you find them helpful or just a fun thing to do?

xo Maria