This is Part 2 of our floor project. To see Part 1 go here.

More than a few people thought we were crazy to even attempt to sand down our wood floors. Despite the challenge of this flooring project, we knew we could do it. Our former wood floors were well worn as well as scratched in several areas. After 10 years of service to us they needed refinishing. We were also ready for a change!

Here’s what they looked like prior to sanding.

white kitchen black dining room table

In doing this project we took the opportunity to give our house a whole new look by lightening them up. To see us sanding down our floors go to this post.

We look back and can hardly believe the four of us (Jeremy, Maria, Duncan and Isaac) accomplished such a big project all by ourselves. Come take a little tour of our finished floors.


It took two weekends with the non-stop noise of large, rented sanders, and two work weeks of the kids and I sanding with the two hand sanders we own to finish our floors. The old reddish varnish is gone, and we love the bare maple with its variations of color. The maple flooring was in beautiful shape, something I hadn’t questioned before we started this whole project, and I probably should have. Thankful for the beautiful natural wood floor look.

foyer with maple floors

Poor Enzo was so ready for this flooring renovation to be over. He couldn’t stay away yet hated all the loud noises. Plus the house was all torn up, and he wasn’t sure where he was supposed to be. We ended up temporarily putting chairs where his window seat used to be. He loves to sit in front of this window and be his true watchdog self.

Main Hallway

Can’t help but be tickled with how the new floor pairs perfectly with the gallery photo wall I created last Fall.

Kid’s Office

Our homeschool room, now known as the kids’ office, needs a makeover and the floor renovation was a great start. Our flooring looks different depending on when the light catches it at various times in the day.

Family room

Most of the floor in this room is covered with a rug, but we carefully sanded down each inch of this space. It looks so much larger, to say nothing of how much the light reflects off the hardwood.

Kitchen & Dining Area

Every piece in the house is somehow effected by the the floors being a different color. Prior to sanding our wood floors I never noticed our kitchen counter stools. They were a similar color to the original floors we put in and blended into them. Now they pop against the floors. The shape of the black legs is accentuated and their warm brown seats pull in the brown tones of the floor. It looks amazing! Whenever you remodel always try to take into consideration all the details of the changes you think you want. In the end you’ll be glad you did.

wood floors kitchen isalnd
kitchen & dining area

We’re so glad we tackled this challenging project. I was out for a walk tonight with our oldest son and we were like, ‘I can’t believe we did that all by ourselves!’ It’s a great feeling to work as a family for the common good of the family. Kids are capable of so much, and when you allow them to help in big ways it pays off in the long run. Confidence and resourcefulness are characteristics that grew in them as well as us.

Let me know what you think! Do you like the look of the natural, maple wood floors?

xo Maria