Hey friends! Let’s have some fun with moodboards today!

Creating a moodboard when designing a room can be a very eye opening experience. It always fascinates me how changing just one element of a space can effect the overall look and feel of the room.

Today that element I’m studying is wall art. I built a room and changed one or two pieces of art to show how doing so gives the space a whole new look.

Examples of Wall Art


Modern Blue and Grey Livingroom with a Touch of Glam

I recently created a moodboard for a client who has a lovely design aesthetic of blues and greys. As I was looking for art for the board I was surprised (even as an artist)by just how much it can change a room! Below the warm tones of the gold in the art reflect that of the gold coffee table. I also pulled in the blues tones she loves in her dining room area with ceramics.


In the moodboard below I kept everything the same except for the living room art. Although it has the warm browns that compliment the gold coffee table it doesn’t have any blue and doesn’t flow with the room the way the previous art does.

mood board

This moodboard incorporates the family gallery wall my client is considering for her dining room. Again keeping all other pieces in the room the same changing the dining room wall art makes a huge difference. Moodboards are so helpful in testing out your design ideas.


Moodboards allow you to avoid costly design mistakes as well as envision your spaces better. If you’re interested in seeing your home design ideas come to life with a moodboard I’d love to help. Contact me for an in person or online design consult at hello@purehappyhome.com, or go to the contact form on our homepage.

xo Maria