It took me too long, but several months ago I finally got around to replanting my ficus tree. Clean air has always been a very important aspect of keeping my home healthy and beautiful for my family. This tree has been a part of our home for a long time.

My Ficus Tree’s History and Special Meaning

Apart from plants being good for any home environment, this particular little tree has sentimental meaning to me.  Homes should hold objects that represent truth for the people that live there. When I was 7 months pregnant with our first child, I hauled home a 5 lb ficus bush from our local grocery store. I remember loving its wispy leaves.  At the time there was no way we could afford a large ficus tree, but I had high hopes of it growing tall and strong, just as the baby inside me.

Over the next years I encouraged its growth, and eventually twisted its branches into a trunk. Our daughter is now 22, and this ficus tree of ours is still going strong. I recently gave it a trim, and realized it was long over due for a repotting.

ficus tree
ficus tree before

It was off to Lowes where I narrowed the choice down to three pots that would do the job. I settled on a nice neutral, light weight, clean looking planter with just the right amount of details and texture. It also had a good amount of space at its base for the plant’s root to stretch out a bit more.

planting ficus tree
watering ficus tree
spanish moss
ficus tree
ficus tree after new pot

I carefully removed the potted tree from its current planter, with the help of my husband, by laying it down on its side and tugging on the base of the trunk.

I loosened its roots by slowly pulling on them, freeing those that were in knots, and trimming any damaged or rotted roots.  Realized I’ve been over watering our dear tree! Then I placed it in the new pot which had rocks at the bottom to protect the roots from sitting in water, and was filled a quarter of the way with fertilized, well drained soil. The rest was easy as I gently filled and packed down the soil around the root ball. 

When this was finished I watered the plant heavily as I’d read this helps prevent shock to the tree. This handsome planter will be our ficus tree’s home for many years to come.

After watering I generously covered the loose soil on top with Spanish moss which helps to hold in moisture, and gives the plant a stylish and completed look. Our living tree has become an integral part of this space, supporting our health, and representing how investing in and nurturing those we love makes them grow in their beauty and strength. Yes, I find some poetry in this little tree.

Six Month Update

Six months later and my little tree is doing beautifully. I gave it a trim when I replanted it and it grew back full and bushy. I also use a soil moisture meter which lets me know when the tree needs water. In the past overwatering caused the leaves to yellow. Now the ficus tree really does seems happy in its new home.

ficus tree and sofa
ficus tree and sofa
ficus tree and sofa

The cool thing about this tree is that it has grown right along with my first born. Plants and children bloom when given good things and lots of attention. Are you a plant lover? Do you have a special plant in your home with a little story to go along with it? If so, please share!

xo Maria