Now that it’s June I’m seeing so many beautiful photos of gorgeous flower bouquets with full, open roses. You know the kind that you see at florist shops that are super expensive and not something you would pick up just because. Well, I’ve got a floral tip for you to make your grocery store roses look like the large luxury roses you find at the florist.

I picked up these $8 roses when I was grocery shopping because I loved the sherbet colors. What I don’t love about grocery store roses is that they don’t open up and show their many beautiful layers of petals. I wanted a country rose look that you see in magazines. After some encouragement, they cooperated. Let me show you what I did.

$8 Grocery store roses.

The buds are closed and without help they just never open. There’s nothing wrong with this bouquet, in fact it’s pretty. I just wanted a fuller looking bouquet using the roses I had.

rose bouquet
Remove Leaves

Make sure to remove all the leaves from the stem. I do this so that the flowers are as close as possible in the bouquet.

Remove Guard Petals

Also remove the Guard petal of the rose. Guard petals are the outer and usually larger petals that protect the inner petals of the bloom still to unfold.

Cut the Stem

Get out a cutting board you use for flowers and cut the tip of the stem off. Once it’s been cut the rose can more easily take in water through the stem. This will help your roses last longer.

roses and cutting board
Ready for a Rose Massage

Your rose would now look like this and is ready for its massage. And no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This rose is pink, not peach like the previous photos. I was enjoying the process of making a bouquet so much I forgot to take photos of the peach roses after they were at this stage!

Loosen Petals

Here’s the fun part. Gently massage in between the rose petals pulling back away from the center. Blow on the rose several times to encourage it to open and to see the natural pattern it will take when you are pulling on the petals. It should look similar to this after a minute or so of loosening the petals.

Before & After

Here is a side by side comparison of a rose before and after it’s been encouraged to open. It’s amazing how fast the roses open up. Just remember to be gentle. Rose petals are delicate and can easily tear.

I love the look of a rose bouquet with fully opened silky petals on full display. Rose bouquets are some of my favorite bouquets to make. Such a budget friendly way to get the look and feel of a high end bouquet.

Closed Bouquet
rose bouquet
Open Bouquet
rose bouquet

Hope this was a helpful floral tip. If you like the look of full and opened roses it’s definitely the way to go. It’s actually a very relaxing project to do. Let me know in the comments below if you’d try this with your grocery store roses to give them an expensive look.

xo Maria