Happy Saturday happy people!

The weekend is my favorite time to organize around the house. Awhile back I decided to tackle our hallway coat closet. It had been far too long since I gave it a good purge and the disorder was beginning to slow us down when getting out the door.

Having a big family I’ve found a few ways to make a job like this less stressful and much faster.

Set A Timer

By setting a timer you give yourself a specific amount of time to work and avoid dragging out a job. Mentally it keeps me from feeling like there’s no end in sight to a task I don’t take much delight in.

Take Everything Out of the Closet

Take all that junk, I mean valuable stuff, out of your closet. When you see an empty slate it allows you to use your imagination and not be bound by what came before the purge. For example, you might notice like I did that a wall could hold storage.

Now is also a good time to donate items that were in your closet and not being used.

Shop Your House

Often when we clean out and organize our home we come to a stop because we don’t have an organizational tool we think we need. Instead shop your house and be resourceful when it comes to optimizing closet space.

For example, I found a piece of wood I had picked up at a thrift store that I was able to use to attach a broom organizer onto the wall. Had I not used what was on hand I wouldn’t have used the organizer, or would have had to wait to put it up.

Progress Not Perfection

Sort through the items in your closet quickly. If you overthink where things should go or what you should do with them you’ll loose steam fast and the job won’t get finished.

Be generous and give things away. The goal is to get this done quick and easy. It’s stuff and it’s slowing you down. Being a perfectionist about your things will not get you an organized closet fast. You want to know where to place the things you need and love, nothing more.

Use Containers

I can’t stress this enough. Containers will make life easier and if you discipline yourself and put things where they’re supposed to go your closet will stay organized.

Keep The Floor Clear

This can be difficult to achieve when you have a lot of people using a small closet, but it makes a huge difference. Our hallway closet is home to cleaning products and me and my husband’s coats and accessories. We keep it clean and organized by not letting anything else make its way onto the floor of this space.

Not only is it easier to find things, the closet seems larger when we keep boxes and other containers off the floor.

Double Hang

Coat closet tip: Hang two or three coats or sweaters on one heavy wood hanger.

This little trick works well if you want to keep your in-season and off-season outerwear all in the same place. When it’s Spring the lighter coats are hung over the heavier Winter coats and vice versa. You double your closet space with this technique.

Life gets messy, and we all need a reset. Tidying your closet doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of your time. These ideas for organizing can help you with a quick coat closet refresh.

xo Maria