When decorating your home it’s important to be honest about what truly nurtures you, not design trends or current ideas on home decor you’ll find in stores and online. Home is yours and it should be filled with what you love. I’m especially thankful for our home when stressful times come, and they always come. When they do our homes give us an opportunities to surround ourselves with the things that help us feel safe, nurtured and hopeful. 

On a Saturdays and Sundays there seems to be more time in the schedule to take a little more care of our spaces, to spruce up and tidy.  These are the days I like to take a step back and access what material objects really bring me hope and happiness. In other words, are the objects in my home doing there job of nurturing me and my family? If the answer is no, it’s a sure sign they need to find a new home were they can do that for someone else. Give them to a charity thrift shop (one of my favorite places to find new objects) or gift them to a friend you think will benefit from having them in their home. 

One of the pieces in my home I treasure is a Liberian wood carving. The sculpture portrays a woman gracefully carrying a jar of water on her head, and her baby on her back. It’s one of those pieces that I would grab heading out the door if the house was on fire. It makes me think of the strong and beautiful grandmother I never knew, and the place my father called home, Liberia, West Africa. It also reminds me of the thousands of woman around the world who work so hard to provide the basics need of water to their children everyday. Having it in my space for my children to see, nurtures me, gives me strength and keeps all things in perspective.

Is there part of your history you can display in your home that would bring you strength and hope? Take some time to consider what that might be, and how it could be implemented into your living areas.

xo Maria