Cherries are our favorite fruit to pick.

For the last twelve years we’ve been coming to Gavin Orchards in Coopersville, Michigan to pick cherries. For many of those years we’ve had the kids stand in this exact spot in front of a bank of wild flowers. Prior to that I’d never been cherry picking in my life. If you have never been, I highly recommend doing so and soon.

One of the best things about cherry picking is how easy it is to get the cherries. We often pick for our friends and family because we can get so many cherries so quickly. Instant and delicious gratification. No wonder they’re my favorite fruit to pick.

group of children smiling outdoors

Cherry picking is a great way to spend time outside.

This year because of the rain we didn’t have as many cherries to choose from as in prior years, but the cherries were huge. It’s so peaceful and beautiful out there in the orchard. Some people feel nature is best experienced when you are alone in it. In my experience when we’re out picking cherries as a family we work as a team and experience the amazing bounty of nature together as well. It’s really quite beautiful, and we’re always so grateful for how wonderful cherries taste while also being incredibly nutritious. Underfoot the clover is everywhere. The farm employs the help of bees to pollinate their plants, adding another clue to the large web of connections that is mother earth.

Cherry picking can be enjoyed by all age levels.

If you’re looking for a fun Summer activity that can be enjoyed by all age ranges, cherry picking is a great option. When we first came here cherry picking twelve years ago our youngest son was a year old. My husband carried him around on his back in a baby seat and he loved it. I remember he would reach over and pick his own cherries from the tree. So cute!

Most orchards have sweet and tart cherries so be sure to get some of both for your baking and snacking needs. We also use this cherry pitter which works very well. Beware, picking and pitting cherries can get messy. Cherries do stain, but putting the stained clothing in the sink then pouring boiling water over them has removed most of our cherry stains. When the kids were little I would have them wear red so they didn’t stain their clothes. It’s a tradition that some of them still follow even though they’re now grown.

Have you been cherry picking? It’s just such a great way to spend a morning or afternoon. Definitely put cherry picking on your Summer fun list!

xo Maria