We all have something in common with birds when it comes to decorating. They gather materials to build, maintain and sustain their nests in order to survive. Some birds even decorate their nests to attract mates or keep their mates.

We humans aren’t too different. However, the cost of arranging and decorating a home and the amount of time it takes may have you questioning if you should expend the energy. The answer is yes! You should make decorating your home a priority.

Here are four reasons to decorate your home.

1. It Will Make You Feel Good

We don’t need a reason to decorate our home. We naturally want to because it makes us feel good, really good. Our surroundings effect how we experience and move in our spaces. Certain colors can physically alter our outlook. Specific textures can bring comfort to our bodies. Even a room layout can influence our well being.

For me the motivation behind the renovation and decorating of my home is pleasure, for me and my family. I really enjoy the creative process of decorating an inspiring and inviting home.  In doing so I both serve my family as well as show them my love.

dining area

2. It Will Sweeten Your Loved Ones Memories of Home

My mother set the example of making our home as cozy and pretty as she could. This made a huge impact on me, and I love helping others do the same. You probably want a welcoming and peaceful space to come home to as well. You want your children to have memories of a beautifully decorated home that brought comfort and acceptance. 

Memories are being made right now in our spaces, and home decorating helps us set the stage for them to be sweet memories. A home doesn’t have to be perfectly tidy. It’s the care that goes into each room that will be remembered. The feelings of happiness that a thoughtfully decorated home brings last long after someone has left those four walls.

natural shelf decor

3. It Strengthens Your Mental Health

For too long in our society mental health was not discussed in an open way. Thankfully, in recent years mental health has taken a front seat in terms of importance for individuals, families, and whole communities. Our homes have a significant effect on our mental health, thus investing in mental health means investing in the places we live.

Homes should be havens of peace and refuge. Ideally, when you get home from a long day and close the door behind you, a safe, warm, and organized area should greet you. If this area also holds visual elements that you find beautiful your mind will be put at ease. You’ll be better able to relax and recoup from the stresses life places on us all.

mirror wall

4. In Doing So You Honor Your Humanity

I’ve often wondered why I’ve been compelled to make my surroundings pretty and organized. Humans have always tried to express themselves through the spaces were they took refuge. An early example of this would be the art found on cave walls in Indonesia. These images were painted an estimated 43,900 years ago. We’ve been decorating our homes for a long time.

apolstered window seat

The motivation behind our homes is what really matters. What really matters to you? For me it’s bringing peace, beauty and order to my family’s life, as well as mine. All this can be done on any budget! My home is furnished with affordable pieces, high end and thrift store finds. All of it comes together to make our home a one of a kind haven.

xo Maria 

If you are interested in finding out more about my design services contact me at hello@purehappyhome.com