Design and the design process seems to effect everything in our home. I just have a need to make things pretty for me and my family. It’s not only about beauty however, function is also very important to me. As a homeschooling mother I’m always looking for ways to entice my kids to read. There’s so much incredible literature out there and I want my kids noses in a book instead of in front of a screen.

With this all in mind I set out to create a spot on our second floor landing that would serve the purposes of beauty and function. You can easily do this project, it’s quick and super satisfying.

color block bookshelf

First I gathered several good books I want our kids to read and organized them by color and size. After I had my colors separated I stacked them next to each other laying down so the kids would have an easier time reading the titles and not have to crank their head to the side.

Then my artist heart arranged them in a way I found balanced ands pleasing. Don’t get too worried about what colors to put next to each other, just go with what pleases your eye, The nice thing about design is that your choice is the right choice,

I love the big pop of color in our mostly neutral home and like a candy store window, you have to stop and gaze for awhile. Hopefully this will grab their attention and remind them to grab a book when they pass by.